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On this website, you will find all relevant information on the business and leisure tourism survey. It contains information regarding the context and the legal framework of the study, explains why you have been selected to participate, why the data is being collected and its subsequently use.

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The survey

Survey on tourism

This survey focuses on the tourism practices of residents during the 3 months preceding the survey. The questions relate to whether or not travel is made by distinguishing between business trips and leisure trips.

The collected information relate to
– the month and duration of the stay,
– the country of destination,
– the means of transportation and types of accommodation,
– the expenses related to the trip …

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The survey (governed by Regulation (EC) No 692/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2011) is carried out by T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER on behalf of and under the methodological responsibility of STATEC. It is carried out quarterly with a representative sample of the resident population aged 15 years and over.



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Project coordination at STATEC:
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Why this survey, how am I concerned?

The survey aims to explore the travel behaviour of the resident population aged 15 years and more. The study covers different aspects of leisure and business trips (destination, duration, transport, accommodation and expenses…). The results are used by researchers, journalists, teachers as well as public actors. Among the 600 000 residents, 5 000 are selected every quarter to represent the diversity of the resident population. You are one of them.

Who can/should participate in this survey?

For methodological reasons, only the persons who have received an official postal request from STATEC can take part in the survey. They were randomly selected from the National register of physical persons (more information on guichet.lu). In exceptional cases, the questionnaire may be completed by a relative (although for quality reasons, this is not recommended); provided that your touristic activities are very well known by this person thus allowing her to answer on your behalf.

I did not travel; do I still have to complete the questionnaire?

Yes. The aim is to grasp the reality of life of all residents and not only that of the travellers.

I have already participated in a STATEC survey? Why do you select me once again?

Participants in our surveys are randomly selected. Given the small size of the country and the large number of official statistics based on European regulations, the possibility of being selected several times is greater in Luxembourg than in France or Germany, for example.

Is there an obligation to participate?

Yes. The refusal to give the information within the prescribed time limit or providing incorrect information is punishable by fines (Law of STATEC of 10 July 2011).

How to identify a STATEC survey ?

As far as tourism statistics is concerned, STATEC will send you an official letter beforehand to notify and inform you that you have been selected for this survey. On the STATEC website in the “surveys in progress” tab , you can check if this survey is conducted.(https://www.statistiques.public.lu/en/index.html).

Is the data confidential and anonymous?

Your name and address will be exclusively used in order to contact you for the survey. Your personal data will not appear in the file containing your answers. Your responses will only be used for statistical purposes , and never for administrative or tax purposes. The individual information will never be disclosed. Every STATEC agent and survey staff working on behalf of STATEC is personally responsible for the strict compliance with this statistical secret. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary measures and penalties.

Why are some people asked to participate by phone and others via the Web?

We want to meet your preferences. Some prefer to complete a questionnaire via the web, other prefer being called by phone. That’s the reason why we have established this system. As we do not know your preferences in the beginning, we proceed as follows: a person whose phone number is available on Editus.lu or Yellow.lu is contacted by phone; the others are directed to the Web. You may however change the mode as you prefer. In case you want to change from Web to a phone call you will have to inform STATEC by mail: tour@statec.etat.lu or by telephone specifying your personal access code and indicating a phone number where you are reachable.

How did you get my phone number?

We have looked it up on Editus.lu or Yellow.lu.

Who is going to call me and when?

The calls are made by the employees of a company called T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER and located in Trier (Germany). The phone number calling you will thus begin with the prefix of Germany 0049. You will be contacted within 6 weeks after having received the official invitation letter from STATEC. The callcenter is ringing up from Monday to Friday between 5 p.m. and 8.45 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. You may also arrange an appointment with the interviewer on the phone at a time that fits you. No calls on Sundays and public holidays.

In what languages can I participate?

In Luxemburgish, French, German or English.

How long does it take?

By phone or Internet it will take approximatively 10 to 15 minutes depending on the number of trips you made.

Why are the questions only related to part of the year?

That’s only for memory reasons. You are asked for the trips you have made in the quarter prior to the survey (January to March – April to June – July to September – October to December). The survey continues with another random sample of persons on a quarterly basis. This allows to get results of a full year.

What’s a day trip?

A trip out of every day habits, without spending a night. These are all non-regular tourist or professional visits, which take place less than once a week.

Why do you need the income of my household or my level of education?

We need information about your socio-demographic characteristics in order to verify the quality of the sample and explain the different tourist behaviours.

I closed the Internet questionnaire while I was filling in, what do I have to do?

If you closed the questionnaire and you had not yet answered all the questions, the data you entered remain accessible. You may continue the questionnaire by logging back to the survey using the personal access code on your invitation letter. You will be guided directly to the last question you opened.

When and where can I see the results of the survey?

STATEC publishes annual results in summer the year following data collection (for example, the results from the survey conducted in 2017 are available in summer 2018). It takes some time to produce the figures as data from the 4 quarters needs to be compiled. STATEC makes regular publications based on the data collected from the survey(https://www.statistiques.public.lu). The aggregated figures may be consulted on the website of STATEC.

May I register for another wave? May I get removed from the lists?

Participants in this survey are randomly selected to ensure a true picture of reality. When you are selected to be part of a survey, STATEC cannot replace you with someone else. You may not be removed from the sample list, for it would no longer be a random sample and the quality of the results would thus be affected.